Art As A Business Begins New Project

Part of the mission of the Gallery is to provide new opportunities for our Artists with Autism to participate in activities to broaden their knowledge as a working artist. Through the resources of our generous sponsors we have been lucky enough to have formed the Art As A Business group this past year and along with volunteers and family we have explored different projects. Currently we are in the beginning stages of a new project titled “Comed Chicago North”. Comed is rebuilding their complex in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood on the North Side. You can learn more about this project in their press release here;

The Gallery was lucky enough to be chosen to provide 5 original painting which will be displayed in this new building. Each conference room in the new building will be named after a neighborhood on the North Side. Our neighborhood is Belmont Cragin and our goal is to create paintings which reflect the history, culture, and architectural qualities of this particular neighborhood.

This has inspired us as a group to learn more about this place. We have been exploring and researching in the past few weeks to learn what subjects would be a part of these paintings. In the process we began by taking a short trip into the neighborhood to photograph areas that we found were part of the history and also to experience the current areas of the neighborhood.

Patty and Bob Bradley lead the group along with the help and support of the families. We currently have these members involved; Johnny Small, Shaun and Aric Turrell, Joshua West, Jovan Pannanbalm, Drew Carriker, Andrew Carroll, and Faith Cruz.