Jovan Pannambalam 

Jovan is a young man who loves to communicate using paint and sculpture! When Jovan creates his art, he is also sharing a unique style of visual communication. Jovan has autism and art, a visual medium, enables him to better connect and to express himself in ways that are not possible with words. Art, for Jovan, is perhaps the only real means he has of being recognized for being Jovan, the individual, thinker, creator, and human being.

“The gallery provides a safe environment to grow and explore, expand and express while being given supports that might otherwise be lacking in the greater community. The Individual’s success
is of fundamental importance. Regarding my son Jovan, I have witnessed a growth in confidence, social awareness, friendships, communication, as well as his artistic ability. I see that the gallery is the needs of the autism community
at large in areas such as: experience for education providers; networking for families; and for people on the autism spectrum, an opportunity to grow no matter what their age or level of function. … “
— Chris Morse, Jovan's mother