Jenna Varley


My passion for art…

Jenna’s passion for art began with a fascination with small detail. Observing, drawing, or sculpting intricate designs could always keep her occupied for hours. Throughout the years, this passion evolved into the artwork she displays today.

The dragons I make were originally inspired by the video game Spyro. I started creating and drawing characters to fit into my version of the Spyro universe. When I was about 14, I began sculpting dragons. Since then I’ve created hundreds of dragon sculptures, each more intricate than the last. Some of them have names and identities while others are unnamed, abstract, or three dimensional doodles with the features of dragons.

Jenna lives in Kankakee and has an Associates degree from Kankakee Community College and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2014.