Drew Carriker

My name is Drew Charles Carriker. I’m a cartoonist and a story teller. Cartoons and fiction have always been my specialty and it still is today. I have always drawn cartoons, even as a little kid. My grandmother taught me about arts and crafts and I went from there. In the beginning I would create characters out of paper or construction paper. Many times my inspirations are from my childhood favorite characters and from those experiences I have started writing stories and often drew characters, mythical and fictional. In High School I loved to draw and create, but after that I began to be busy with working and took time away from Art. A woman from my church had cancer and I decided to make her an angel which reignited my hobby and I hope to work for Hasbro or Disney studios someday.

I learned about Merchant Street Art Gallery of Artists with Autism when it opened it doors. I have found new opportunities to create my sculptures and have sold pieces through the Gallery. Recently I have started accepting commissions for custom sculptures. If you are interested please contact me below or download the Customized To Your Imagination flyer.

“The Art Gallery is a great place for people with autism. Anyone with any form of Autism is welcome to come here. The staff here gives autistic people chances when no one esle will. Here you may find some inspiration and you may learn something you didn’t already know about Art “
— Drew Carriker, Artist