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Jarrett Sekosky Solo Show

Jarrett is returning to the Merchant Street Art Gallery in Kankakee, Illinois as the featured artist for the month of August.
The Gallery was created for Jonathan Small and other artists in the Autistic Spectrum by his parents. The Gallery's is incorporated as a non-profit with a Board of Directors. Janice Miller, the Merchant Street Art Gallery's Director discovered Jarrett through social media after Jarrett's first Blue Connection Art Show in Decatur. She invited Jarrett to meet Jonathan Small and display some of Jarrett's work at the new Kankakee Gallery's first opening. He returned a couple more times before moving to Venice, Florida. His work remains on display at the Gallery. Janice is kind enough to manage any sales of Jarrett's work, too.

This is a real honor for Jarrett to be featured in Kankakee, Illinois once again. Jarrett will be showing some of his new work since relocating to Florida and looking forward to seeing family and friends again.